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Iowa City, IA

Iowa City Solar

Iowa City is located 60 miles west of Quad Cities and is popular for the education and literature in the area. Iowa City is the only city in the USA to be designated as a 'City of Literature' from UNESCO. The city is famous for promoting and encouraging literature worldwide.

The University of Iowa is the biggest attraction in the city. The Museum of Art at the university has may interesting exhibits. Iowa City is famous for its Devonian Fossil Gorge to explore the nature and fossils. The notable architecture of the city is a great attraction for visitors.

Iowa City has many apartments and many home improvement rebates and loans are available for property owners. Iowa City Roofing is a constant opportunity for the contractors. Iowa City is encouraging property owners to adapt energy efficient construction.

Tesla Solar

Tesla Solar is the latest venture from Tesla led by Elon Musk in partnership with Solar City. Tesla Solar is manufacturing solar tiles that can be installed on a roof to generate electricity on the roof top. The glass tiles are available in four different styles to suit individual requirements. They are made to result in superior performance similar to asphalt shingles. The solar film is integrated in to the glass tile so it is not visible to the person from the road. Tesla recommends Powerwall to store and convert the electrical energy generated.

Tesla Roofing is popular among environment friendly property owners. Unlike solar panels, Tesla solar tiles are less bulky and look trendy on the roof top. The tiles are tested for impact resistance, high wind resistance, moisture resistance, and algae resistance. The glass tiles from Tesla can be ordered directly from the manufacturer or from an authorized distributor from Tesla. Solar tiles from Tesla are easier to assemble and require no additional bolting. The tiles interlock to complete the circuit and are connected to an inverter on the property premises.

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Tesla can give you an estimate of the solar roof cost based on the Google Project Sunroof and national electric consumption rates. Tesla Solar roof may qualify for the Solar Investment Tax Credit and any other rebates offered by the state.

The ratings and standards of the Tesla solar glass tiles are in par with the roofing industry. The performance of the tiles are expected to surpass the traditional shingles. The glass coating is rated according to the American and European standards. Class A fire resistance, Class F wind resistance, and Class 4 impact resistance are some of the features of the Tesla glass tiles.

Currently, orders are being processed for the smooth and textured glass tiles in the far east and far west states in the US. Future markets may expand to the slate and tuscan tiles and reach through out the country.

Solar Roofing

Solar Roofing in Iowa City

Solar roofing is the latest trend in the roofing industry. Home owners and businesses install solar panels on the roof tops to generate renewable energy. For solar panel installation, asphalt shingles are most suitable. Wood shake or tile may break due to the weight of the solar panels. However, the solar panels are bulky and reduce the curb appeal of a residential property.

Steep slope roofs are most suitable for solar roofing. The roof facing South, West, or East are apt for solar installations. If a roof is blocked by a tree or other structure, that roof may not be suitable for solar tiles. Unobstructed sun light is a key requirement for solar roofing.

Solar tiles from Tesla can serve two purposes, that is providing protection for the house and producing electricity through the solar cells. The photo voltaic cells in the solar tiles produce direct current which is converted to alternating current by an inverter. The electricity is routed to the appliances and lighting in the house through the circuit panel. The extra power generated from the solar roofs can be given back to the utility grid and thereby your monthly electric bill can be reduced.

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During nights and cold weather, the solar circuit is not producing any electricity and your house draws power from the utility grid. All solar installations have additional monitoring equipment that notify the installer about any failures at the property. If in any case, the solar roofing is unable to produce electricity, the house can always be powered by the normal utility provider as a back up. If there is surplus energy generation, that energy can be routed back to the utility grid. The utility company can pay you back check or adjust the meter reading based on your actual energy consumption from the grid.


Solar Roofing Benefits

Solar Roofing by Tesla is advantageous for Iowa City residents in terms of reducing dependency on fossil fuels and reducing carbon emissions.

  • Most efficient way of producing electricity
  • Electricity generation without bulky equipment or machinery
  • Quiet and noise less operation of the solar cells
  • No wastage during the electricity generation and conversion
  • Easy to install or repair without much disturbance to property owner

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Iowa City residents can get the Tesla solar tiles installed and use the power for their vehicles, lighting, or appliances.

  • Self sufficient power generation
  • Reducing the oil imports from other countries
  • Reduction in energy bill for the lifetime of the solar roof
  • Energy rebates available for solar roof installation to offset costs
  • Installation for a fixed term and license can be extended or equipment can be bought or removed
  • Continuous monitoring by the installer to check the fluctuations and repairs

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Solar Roofing Installation

Olde Town Group

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IC Tesla can be accomplished by established contractors such as Olde Town Group. They are familiar with the Iowa City climate and roofing and can accomplish the Tesla solar installation at your property. Tesla Solar needs more experts in roofing installation not just bolting solar panels. Hence, the expert crew at Olde Town Group, who are familiar with the solar tiles, can work as per local and national roofing standards.

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Olde Town Roofing

Their roofing division, Olde Town Roofing, have installed many roofs in the Iowa City region. Olde Town Group has head quarters in Moline, IL and branches in Iowa City, Des Moines, and Bloomington. They operate around 200 miles of the Quad Cities to install hundreds of roofs. Olde Town Group works on commercial and residential projects for solar roofing. They have electricians and roofers who deliver quality services with professional work.

Olde Town Group are a certified IKO Shield Pro Plus contractor and have expertise on installing energy efficient products. They are also certified from CertainTeed and IB Roof Systems. Roof inspection, roof replacement, reroofing, and solar roofing are some of the services offered by Olde Town Group. They also take up siding, windows, deck, gutter, kitchen/bath remodel, and so on to give optimum and cost effective services to customers.

Olde Town Group Certified

Solar roofing often can be accomplished by taking the energy rebates available. Olde Town Group are familiar with the requirements and conditions to satisfy rules. They can work with home insurance and public adjusters to provide maximum benefits for IC Tesla owners. Call Olde Town Group at 3097385550, 3095171676, or 3192128131 for more information on IC Tesla.